I see this question coming up all the time:

What are the best programming languages that all developers should learn?

I have tried in the past in the argue that there is in fact not such a thing, but many good options in general, and more than one good options for you in particular, depending on what your context is.

I have to admit that I failed to convince anyone.

People still really would love to know what is the best programming language that all people should learn. And that makes sense. Honestly if there was a right answer, I would also love to know it.

The challenge

It might be much easier for you though to answer the reverse question:

What is the worst programming language that nobody should ever learn?

Is it Java, JavaScript, C# , CoffeeScript, Objective C, Perl, PHP, Cobol, Erlang, Brainfuck, F# , ...?

Please pick the one you think that it definitely never makes sense to learn it.

And me or my smart readers will play the role of the devil advocate that find a good scenario you when it actually would make sense to learn this useless language.

RULES: be polite. Insulting other developers community is not right.

Update: challenge results

The evil advocate was on a good streak to defend the case to defend BrainFuck, Python, Cobol, CoffeeScript, etc...

But then readers began to be always more astute and @DaveFord nailed it.

So this is the accepted answer.

The worst programming language to learn is the language that you have no motivation or desire to learn. It will be a miserable experience causing you to dislike the time it takes and the language.

Where to Go From There

Pick something that sounds like a sane choice for you and iterate from there. Relax the fuck out from the impossible idea to find the "correct" solution.

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