I am procrastinating hard on writing new articles here. I believe in structured procrastination so I can apply this principle here?

Yes! Instead of writing myself, I will talk about the good things I've read recently here.

If you like to write tech articles, could you maybe like even more to be paid for writing tech articles? Check out this post from @hyvortalk

How to do a presentation that is interesting? @n_mehlhorn invite us to learn the art of story telling. This is an article I will need to read and re-read again.

Did you know that you can use Dev listings to search for a remote job? Read @peter for more details.

Erik Ditrick from @daedtech explain you how you to do a resume correctly. Not the usual advice.

If you want to impress your friends with your Kotlin skills, I recommend reading @ahmedrizwan opening a magic box: How do DSL work in Kotlin? Hint: there is no magic.

If you are bored implementing quicksort and factorial, and are looking for something more realistic, @renegadecoder94 has 71 Python snippets that solve real world problems

This post is also available on DEV.