50 coffee meetings

An all-time favorite career advice of mine is Why You Need to Take 50 Coffee Meetings.

Mark Suster writes that drinking coffee will boost your job hunting prospects:

You’re a candidate. You’re thinking about your next big gig. You want the primo role. Hot company. Senior title. Lots of responsibility. The moment a big job is advertised you’re fawked. Why? Cuz there are 20 people who have the exact qualifications as the job spec will suggest. But they don’t have your hustle, your energy. You won’t land the big jobs unless you’re in there shaping the discussion about what the company needs, convincing them that they need you before they’re even ready to hire.

This takes 50 coffee meetings.

You know the drill — “informational interview.” Life is an informational interview. Everything you do applies to this lesson. Yet too many people never do it. They sit and wait for job specs to be posted on job boards. Or whatever the equivalent metaphor is for any other parts of their business.

I loved this article: being French, I am very good at drinking coffee. And I never realized before that this was a major competitive advantage 😄

Best cafés to invite cool people in Berlin?

Ok, this is going to be very local. I will share with you my list of the coolest cafés in Berlin so that you can impress the people you want to invite for a drink:

Click to see the details:


What about you?

Are you a caffeine lover?

Why not creating your own google map with the best cafés in your city and share it there?

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