7 tips to not undermine yourself, automate CV generation and scheduling calls, having nice photo and banners and launching your website and GitHub profile

Table of contents

1. Remove "junior" from your job title


If my LinkedIn network is any judge, it's an issue that afflicts women more than men.

Don't worry, companies will evaluate your skills later.

In the meantime, it's not your role to announce urbi and orbi that you are not good enough!

Remove junior from your job title: "Python developer" instead of "Junior Python developer".

See Junior Developer: The Title You Should (Almost) Never Accept from @daedtec

2. Do not waste time making your resume looks nicer in Word



Now you only have to edit the YAML file resume/data.yml

  first: Jean-Michel
  last: Fayard
  year: in 1981
  location: France

Once you are done:

npm run export

3. Have a professional photograph take your profile picture

Open your phone and schedule an appointment with a local photograph.

Let him make your profile picture.

Use it everywhere, from LinkedIn to GitHub to Slack to DEV to Twitter to you name it.

A god photo and consistency in using it is such a quick win, don't waste it.

4. Create a banner with code in


Maybe you didn't notice, but your LinkedIn profile has an ugly banner by default?

Why not having a nice one instead?

Oh you don't have design skills?

Neither do I

5. Use Calendly to schedule calls

Don't waste time in back and forth via email finding out when is the best time to meet.

Instead have your Calendly link ready that announce when you are available and let the other one pick a time suitable for her.

Something important you have to decide is when you make yourself available.

I decided for example to keep the mornings for me and my project, and make myself available between 2PM and 4PM when I would be otherwise sleepy.

For more information, see https://calendly.com/

6. Generate an impressive GitHub profile README easily

When people land on your GitHub profile, what will they see?

Make a great first impression with this tool https://github.com/rahuldkjain/github-profile-readme-generator

This is what I've used on my own profile https://github.com/jmfayard

To know more:

7. Do not use a static website generator


Ah static website generators have so many advantages that we could spend the week talking about them and comparing the different solutions available.

That's exactly the issue though:

You will spend the next weeks procrastinating on what is The Perfect Static Website Generator Setup.

And nobody cares.

The only thing that matters is the content you produce.

Write your first 10 articles and then you can indulge yourself to play around with Hugo, Gatsby and all the like.

In the meantime, go to https://www.squarespace.com/ or https://wordpress.com

Do click, click, click and in 30 minutes you have your website.

Exception to the rules:

  • if you do think you have the discipline to get it done with a static generator, try it, but if you take more than one hour, recognized that you failed and go to Squarespace.
  • you already have content on DEV and use stackbit to generate your website

That's it for today

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